Things That Happen at Wal-Mart

Today was a very enjoyable day at work. It’s been raining all day so that added to the bliss. I was asked to help a Veteran who is disabled around the store and get things for him and afterwards I was to take my break. He was capable of wheeling himself around so he did. With one arm moving his wheels, we went to grab 8 bottles of Cherry Pepsi. Eventually, we made it to the men’s section. He didn’t see anything he liked so we continued on. He brought us to the electronics. He made a bass sound and said wanted something with a lot of that. He pointed to a CD and I showed him what it was. It was hip hop music and I mentioned that several times. He still wanted it so I put it in his basket. I spouted off several different artist names and he stopped me when I got to Journey. I sold him on a Journey CD and one from U2. He apparently doesn’t like Elvis.
Anyway, we made our way back to the front of the store so he could check out. I then took him to get a sandwich at the Subway located within our store and it was time for him to get back on the bus. So we went outside in the pouring rain as the workers from the disabled Veteran place (I will not mention the name) loaded him and unloaded more people.

As I was about to go back in, I heard of one them say, “I’m sorry Mr. Alvarez, your help didn’t show up. We can’t take you anywhere.”
“What are we supposed to do with him?” Another employee from their workplace asked.
“Just take him inside and set him there,” She replied.
I am heading in at the same time she was pushing Mr. Alvarez in and she literally just left him there- sitting alone- by the line of baskets at Wal-Mart. I was pissed at this. As I was walking to tell my manager what I just heard another employee stopped me and asked if they were just going to leave him there. I said, “Yeah, that’s what they said. I’m about to tell management.”

So I got my manager and told her what I heard. She asked me if I wanted to take him and I said sure and skipped my break. Mr. Alvarez talked very quietly and he was unable to push himself. So I grabbed his blue wheelchair and we went to the raincoat section because that’s what he said he wanted. We found one, after looking for about 20 mins. It was a dark blue that he picked out. He was wearing a brighter blue. I asked him if there was anything else he wanted to look at before we left and he said tools. Of course, I can’t hear well, so it took him a few times before I understood him. He was very patient with me.

Went to the tools and I was having a hard time finding stuff because I am never in that area. I asked a friendly department manager to help and she did. We found some pliers he needed. As we were going to check out he saw some thermoses he was interested in and they were blue. He didn’t find one he liked though, at a reasonable price, so after I wiped his mouth off, (because he was drooling a little) we went to the checkout. I think my experience working at a Living Center paid off today.
Forty-five minutes after we started we made it to the checkout. For his last purchase, he wanted a couple packages of bite size snicker bar bites. The woman who had just left him inside came up to me as I was ringing up his items at self-checkout.

“Oh, you helped him?” She asked.
“Yeah,” I said coldly as I did not make eye contact.
“Did you understand him? She asked.
“Yeah,” I said while putting the rest of his money in the machine.
“Oh, I can’t even do that. I never understand what he is saying.”
“Are you hiring?” I asked her.

She said they are always hiring. So who knows, I may end up working there. I thanked Mr. Alvarez and went back to get a “home” as a cashier. My manager said that another manager told her she should call in on them. I told her not to worry about that because I would. I don’t care how short-handed you are, you make sure your job is done. You make sure all of your patients are taken care of and you CERTAINLY don’t just leave them sitting there all by themselves when they can’t even push their wheelchair. That is someone’s dad, brother, or grandpa. How heartless was that?
Anyway, this is not a freak thing. Stuff like this happens at my job more than you think! We are just normal humans… trying to make a little difference.

Things That Happen at Wal-Mart

Let’s Just Call Him Kent

I am a fairly new Wal-Mart employee but since working there my views have changed drastically about it. I applied because I knew it was easy to get hired and I needed a job. I went with the mindset that the people who work there are lazy, unintelligent, slow, and rude. It wasn’t before long that I was proven incorrect.

This story is about one of my managers. I’ll call him Clark Kent. Kent seems to know most every customer that comes through and I have yet to see him in a horrible mood. I was following him around the store one day and at every turn an employee would ask for his help. He would stop what he was doing and help. He even noticed an older employee having trouble bending over to pick something up so he immediately went over got on the floor and got it for her.

A few days later, I saw Kent watching the cashier lines. They do that to make sure everyone is doing something and to help direct the customers. Well, I was heading towards Kent to see where he wanted me to go. But he was talking to people and I didn’t want to interrupt. Instead, I waited for him to finish his story of why his entire right arm was bandaged. From what he was saying the management team had been watching a suspicious male for quite some time. He was walking around with a giant TV and other expensive items. We have a very good Loss Prevention team at my store and I am proud of how well my managers come together when things like this happen.

Anyway, my team of managers surround this man like vultures but he jets quickly. Still pushing the shopping cart, the man runs out of the door and our LP and Kent run after him. After a few blocks of chasing, Kent turned a corner too sharply and fell. But he didn’t JUST fall. He mentioned that he skidded for a good while and even has the pictures to prove it. He left bloody marks on the ground for a few feet due to the asphalt eating his arm and hand.

So this  wonderfully kind, intelligent, hardworking man, who ran after a shoplifter (that was later apprehended) is part of this incredible team with which I work. I can’t say his name so I’ll just call him the Clark Kent of Wal-Mart.

Let’s Just Call Him Kent

It’s come to my attention that quite a few people have this assumption that those of us who work for places such as Wal-Mart are not educated or just plain stupid. In this article, I hope to prove you wrong. I will share with you two short stories to prove my point.

It was lunch time and I had been bringing my food because it is so much cheaper that way. I was eating in my car due to the fact I am not much of a social person. It was exceptionally hot that day and I was getting tired of eating melted yogurt (ewww, right?). So I braved the social scene and went to the breakroom. Of course, I sat by myself but that doesn’t stop one from eavesdropping. I overheard three employees talking about the current state of the company. I cannot get into much detail as I would like to keep my job but let me just say they were worried about job security and for good reason. They understood an increase in unemployment would lead to more trivial crimes such as stealing ( I see that as trivial as it is just material) and larger more vicious crimes, like murder. The most amazing thing about this is, I had just learned this information in college. They are not college educated (presumably), how did they know? Also, if you need a link to prove the previously mentioned here you go,

On another occasion, as I was headed out for a break, a much older female employee stopped me. She noticed my stone necklace and asked me about it. She then pulled out a gorgeous labradorite stone from her pocket and proceeded to tell me about it. She was able to explain the difference in the many different types of stones and their classifications. She told me one was a feldspar and I had to go home later that day and look it up. I was simply amazed at all she knew about the different kinds of stones and minerals. It’s also amazing what you can learn when you rid yourself of preconceived ideas about the people of Wal-Mart.